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Two June Haiku

Two June Haiku

Peony in Cut Glass Vase, pen drawing











Such a long journey

round this peony blossom–

O tiny black ant!




The Offending Bucket, pen drawing

My fault–this drumbeat!

Left the bucket upside-down,

And now it’s raining.

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Skylight View


Sketchbook page: watercolor pencil, oil pastel June 13, 2015

Morning by morning

my skylight teaches me this–

clouds never stay put.*


*Except when they do, or seem to, as on an overcast day when the sky seems “stuck.”

But on other days–days of clearing winds, for instance–the view through the skylight near my desk is constantly changing. The light and shadow in the treetops that frame the lower portions sharpen and blur, sharpen and blur, repeatedly. And the hues of green change with them.

And the clouds! Sometimes they meander across more or less horizontally. Sometimes they race from top to bottom of my view, traveling more or less in a southerly direction, I think.

Clouds shape-shift. Thin clouds seem to evaporate or grow so thin and so distant as to disappear.

Other days everything moves much more slowly. Imperceptible movement within a field of uniformly pale grey. Not my favorite days, those “stuck days.”

But then, we don’t get to choose the weather, do we?

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Blue Laundry/Laundry Blues?


My daughters tell me

I wear too much blue clothing.

Hmm–what do you think?

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